Hey, thanks for your interest in being a guest on my show or you may be referring a guest. Either way, I am thankful and it's a privilege to have you. Just to give you a heads up effective Jan 7 2019, Between The Lines has been upgraded to a Syndicated show and so now there are lots more publishing options which means more visibility i.e. eyes and ears on your interview/show. It is totally OPTIONAL to go this route and the original options that you have come to know and love are still available. Please read and follow the instructions below.

Upon hitting the subscribe button below, you will be asked to confirm your subscription. An email will be sent to you which may end up in your inbox or spam, so please check those folders to accept, thereafter the booking link will be provided for you. It takes ONLY  few seconds.

A few links I want to share for you to get familiar with my show's format are:
And just to share with you what past guests had to say about the show, click here.

Talk soon!
Corine La Font 
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